Mission, Vision and Values
Mission, Vision and Values


Arya is one of the main players and manufacturers of stationery, educational, arts, leisure and creative materials for children and youth.

Arya also plays an important role in the country’s independence, in flourishing talent and in children and youth’s psychological and physical wellbeing.

Arya Strives to create motivation and job satisfaction for its employees, combined with utilizing specialization, team work and medium and new technology, allows the company to constantly offer products which are in line with national and international standards. With its impeccable reputation, accountability, innovation and product variety, Arya has been able to gain a large domestic market share while exporting its products to neighbouring countries, the company aims to also export to other countries in the Middle East, Europe and Africa.



Arya will be the leading brand nationally and by increasing its presence in international markets, will become an important part of the industry in the Middle East.