Arya History
Arya History

NAGHSH TANDIS ARYA (Private Joint Stock Company), is the first and exclusive manufacturer of non-drying play dough, modeling clay, finger paint, face paint and glue stick in Iran. The company also manufactures oil pastel & crayon, poster Colour (gouache), water color, wood-case color & writing pencils, school geometry tools, school cup & lunch box, educational sets & accessories and a variety of notebooks.

Arya – a family company – was established in 1961 by Mr.Abdolsamad Barkhoda (RIP) with the manufacturing of its first product “Modeling Clay”. Unfortunately at that time, people were not as familiar as they are today with the use of play dough and this company’s other products for educational purposes.
But fortunately, as time went by, social culture was enriched and there was an increasing demand by children and youth for our products, in the many fields of entertainment, recreational and artistic creativeness. Since its establishment, this company has designed and created different methods of presenting and introducing its products and has emphasised the importance of their usage for developmental purposes in children through cultural, educational & entertainment centers and also through media such as TV and the press; and has increased the variety of products which have been remarkably successful thus far.

The company’s products have maintained their excellent quality and due to high demand there has been a significant increase in the manufacturing of many of our different products in the past decade, such as poster color, oil pastels, water color, finger paint, face paint and a variety of notebooks. Presently, not only does the company supports the entire country’s demand for its products (Iran), but our products are also exported to many countries in the Middle East and this signifies the fact that the Arya Company, due to the quality of its certified products, is very well able to export to markets worldwide.

Opening a line for the production of glue stick


Arya is the first and only manufacturer of glue stick in Iran. The composition of this product is so specific that it can adhere to paper within 45 seconds, and is washed off with plain water. Arya matte glue is available in two sizes of 8 and 15 grams, in various packaging.

Opening a pencil production line


The production lines and equipment of this section consist of 5 main sections:
1. Production section: production includes a grooving machine (Grooving Machine), lead packing machines (Lead Laying Machine), furnaces, molding machines (Shaping Machine).
2. Additional section: this section includes painting machines (Painting Machine), sharpening machines (End Pointing machine), sharpening machines (Sharpening Machine), stamping machines (Stamping Machine).
3. The section "Dipping" (Dipping)
4. Packing section
5. Section for the manufacture of pencils, laboratory and quality control.

Opening ruler production line


Opening the line for the production of dishes


Opening Sewing line


Opening finger paint line


Opening a plastic product line


Opening of a gouache and watercolor production line


Gouache Arya has plastic seamless containers thanks to the latest equipment, which is specially designed and manufactured by the engineering department. Each gouache set has 12 colors. In the manufacture of gouache, the colors are filled simultaneously and completely automatically, without outside interference.

Opening of the oil pastel production line


Arya is the first and only wax pencil manufacturer in the country. For this product, special industrial designs were made, developed taking into account the anatomy of the hands of various shapes, and registered as an industrial design for a particular company. The term of its use is very long and it does not break, which is very convenient for children under 5 years old.

Opening of a line for making dough for modeling


This production unit includes baking sections, cooling compartments (COOLING) and special molds, a packaging and assembly section. In the baking section, a special technique is used for the automatic transfer of powder and the melting of the contents of the containers, as well as discharge into the reactor and transfer to the refrigerator. All the equipment for the design and manufacture of toys for playing in the sandbox, accessories for dough for modeling, all this is designed and manufactured by specialists in the mechanical engineering of the company. Modeling dough develops creative abilities in children, and also strengthens their muscles. Therefore, in our assortment there are different sets, each of which contains various auxiliary accessories.